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Rick Watkins  - Founder & Owner 

Ted Mackey - HyTek,  Capture/Evaluation

Carl McCargo -HyTek, Capture/Evaluation

Stefanie Luedtke - HyTek

Kyle White - Capture/Evaluation

Cathy Webb - HyTek

In Memorium: 

Santos Motely - HyTek,  Capture/Evaluation 


FT Timing was started in 2015 as an affordable Timing and Meet Management option for High School, Middle School and Collegiate Track & Field and Cross-Country Meets.   At FT Timing,  we also will empower you to Time and Manage your meets in-house by helping you with the purchase of your own system (more affordable than most people think), and training you and your staff to operate it.

Feel free to contact us on the "Contacts" Tab above if you have any questions, or just want a ballpark figure on what a Timing System costs, or to inquire about availability.