Fall 2017 Cross-Country Results

2021 Outdoor Results

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Feb 16 - Nolan Viking Relays,  Ft. Worth Nolan Catholic HS

Mar 1 - Cotton Ford Relays,  Greenville, TX (Field Events Cancelled due to weather)

Mar 2 - Allen Relays,  Allen, TX

Mar 3 - Lovejoy Invitational,  Lucas, TX

Mar 7 - Crowley Malachi Relays,  Crowley, TX

Mar 8 - Prince of Peace Winter Warmup, Carrollton, TX

Mar 8 - Richardson Invitational,  Richardson, TX

Mar 10 - Lovejoy Distaice Festival,  Lucas, TX

Mar 20 - Melissa JH Meet,  Melissa, TX

Mar 22 - Melissa Cardinal Invitational, Melissa, TX

Mar 23-  Bradley V. Urshel JH Meet,  Dallas, TX

Mar 24 - Bradley V. Urshel Invitaitonal,  Dallas, TX

Mar 28 - IAA Championships,  Parish Episcopal School (Field Events Cancelled due to weather)

Mar 29 - Willow Springs District Qualifier Meet,  Lucas, TX (Field Events Cancelled due to weather)

Apr 6 - PCA Relays,  Plano, TX (partial Running Events cancelled due to weather)

Apr 5; 7 - District 15-5A Championships,  Lucas, TX

Apr 11; 13 - District 7-6A Championships,  Cedar Hill, TX

Apr 12 - POPCS MS Meet,  Carrollton, TX

Apr 13 - Adidas Relays,  Carrollton, TX

Apr 14 - First Refuge Ministries Mustache Dash 5K/10K,  Denton, TX

               5K Overall     5K Division

               10K Overall    10K DIvision

Apr 19 - TAPPS District 2A/3A Championships,  Carrollton, TX

Apr 20 - TAPS MS Championships,  Carrollton, TX

Apr 26-28   TAPPS North Regional,  Lancaster, TX

                    5A/6A Results

                    3A/4A Results

                     1A/2A Results

May 4-5 - SPC Championships,  Dallas, TX

Jul 13-14 - TAAF Region 13 Championships,  Dallas, TX 

Spring 2018 Track & Field Results

Fall 2018 Cross-Country

​​2020 Indoor Results

Dec 7, 2019  FasTrak Collegiate Opener, University of Houston
Dec 8, 2019  FasTrak HS, Youth,Masters Opener  University of Houston
Dec 21, 2019  FasTrak Summit of the South PV,  University of Houston
​Jan 11  FasTrak Collegiate,  University of Houston
Jan 25  FasTrak Collegiate Invitational, University of Houston
​Feb 8  FasTrak HS Indoor Championships, University of Houston​ 

2020 Outdoor Results

​Feb 6       Lovejoy Tri-Meet,  Lovejoy HS
Feb 15    Nolan Viking Relays 
Feb 22    DeSoto Nike Invitational,  DeSoto HS
​Feb 25    Anna MS Meet,  Anna HS
Feb 27    Anna HS Meet,  Anna HS
Feb 27    Cotton Ford Relays,  Greenville HS
Feb 28   Allen Eagle Relays,  Allen HS
​Feb 29    Lovejoy Invitational,  Lovejoy HS​

​Mar 3     Melissa Middle School Invitational, Melissa HS
Mar 5     Melissa Cardinal Invitational, Melissa HS​
Mar 6    Prairie Relays,  Grand Prairie HS
Mar 11   Richardson All-City Meet, Richardson HS

Mar 13  Bradley V Urshel MS Invitational, St. Mark's HS (Cancelled)
Mar 14 Bradley V Urshel HS Invitational, St. Mark's HS (Cancelled)
Mar 20   Texas A&M Commerce Quad Meet,  Commerce, TX (Cancelled)
Mar 21    POPCS Invitational, Prince of Peace Christian School (Cancelled)
​Mar 26   Willow Springs District Qualifier, Lovejoy HS (Cancelled)
Mar 27   Naaman Forest Relays,  Garland Naaman Forest HS (Cancelled)
​Mar 28   JPII Relays, Plano, TX​​ (Cancelled)

​Apr 1-2  District 10-5A Lovejoy (Cancelled)

​Apr 1-2 District 15-5A, Mt. Pleasant HS (Cancelled)

​Apr 3     PCA Lion Relays,  Prestonwood Christian Academy (Cancelled)

Apr 4     TCAL Regional,  Covenant Classical Academy (Cancelled)

Apr 7      IAA MS Championships,  Parish Episcopal School (Cancelled)

Apr 16    Tarleton Invitational,  TGarleton State Univ.  (Cancelled)

​Apr 17-18 Red River Conference Championships,  San ANtonio, TX (Cancelled)

Apr 22-24   TAPPS North Regional,  Ft. Worth, TX (Cancelled)

Apr 24-25  UIL Region 1 1A,  Whitney HS (Cancelled)

​May 1-2    SPC Championships,  Oakridge Academy, Arlington,m TX (Cancelled)

  TAAF Region 13, Dallas, TX (Cancelled)

Fall 2021 Cross-Country

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2020 Cross-Country Results

Oct 2 - Decatur Reunion Run District Preview
Oct 7 -  Muenster XC Invitational, Muenster HS
Oct 10 - Assault of Eagle Summit, Decatur HS
Oct 14 - Lindsay XC Invitational, Lindsay, TX
Oct 20  - District 13-2A JH Championships, Muenster HS
Oct 26 - District 8-4A Championships, Decatur Reunion Grounds
Oct 28 - District 13-2A Championships, Muenster HS
Nov 7 SPC North #3  Mens Varsity 5000  Mens JV 5000

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Spring 2019 Track & Field Results

​​Feb 2   Throws Factory Throwdown,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Feb 16  Nolan Catholic Relays,  Ft. Worth, TX
Feb 23 St Thomas Invitational,  Houston, TX
Feb 26  Anna JH Invitational,  Anna HS
Feb 28  Anna HS Invitational,  Anna HS
Feb 28 Cotton Ford Relays,  Greenville HS

Mar 1 Allen Relays,  Allen HS
Mar 1 CSI Relays,  Arlington Seguin HS
Mar 2 Lovejoy Invitational,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Mar 7  Community HS Invitational,  Nevada Community HS
Mar 7  Richardson Invitational,  Richardson HS
Mar 7  Grand Prairie Invitational,  Grand Prairie HS
Mar 9  Lovejoy Distance Festival,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Mar 22 Bradley V. Urshel  Invitational (Middle School),  St. Marks School of Texas
Mar 23 Bradley V. Urshel  Invitational (High School),  St. Marks School of Texas
Mar 28 Willow Springs MS District Qualifier,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Mar 28 Naaman Forrest Invitational,  Garland Naaman Forest HS
Mar 30 JPII Cardinal Invitational, John Paul II HS

​Apr 3-4  District 10-5A Championships,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Apr 3-4 District 15-5A, Royce City HS
Ap 5  PCA Lion Relays,  Prestonwood Christian Academy
Apr 8  TAPPS District 2-2A, Parish Episcopal School
Apr 11  TAPPS District 2-6A,  Prestonwood Christian School
Apr 10; 12  District 7-6A Championships,  DeSoto HS
Apr 16  District 9-10 5A Area Meet,  Lucas Lovejoy HS
Apr 17  Larry Holmes Invitational,  Nolan Catholic School, Ft. Worth, TX
Apr 18-19 Red River Conference Championships, Bullard, TX
Apr 23  IAA MS Championships, Parish Episcopal School
Apr 26  TAPS D1 & D2 Championships, Prince of Peace Christian School 

Apr 25-27  TAPPS North Regional, Clark Stadium, Ft. Worth, TX
Day 1 (5A-6A) Results

Day 2 (3A-4A) Results

Day 3 (1A-2A) Results
June 15 USATF Arkansas Association Junior Olympic Championships

July 8-9  TAAF Region 13 Championships,  Dallas, TX​​